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Youngest Chiba councilor accused of paying girl, 13, for sex

Japan News - 0 sec ago
Chiba Prefectural Police have arrested the prefecture’s youngest city councilor in its history for allegedly allegedly engaging in illicit acts with an underage girl last year, reports the Asahi Shimbun (tokyoreporter.com)

Alleged 'black widow' Kakehi pleads not guilty as murder trial kicks off in Kyoto

Japan News - 0 sec ago
A 70-year-old woman dubbed the "black widow" for allegedly murdering her husband and common-law partners with cyanide, pleaded innocent Monday at the first hearing of her trial at the Kyoto District Court. (Japan Times)

Alleged stalker visited home of HKT48 member 4 times

Japan News - 3 hours 40 min ago
Fukuoka Prefectural Police have arrested a 44-year-old man for allegedly stalking a member of a popular idol group in Fukuoka City, reports TBS News (tokyoreporter.com)

Saga cops: Government official found at burned-out car with corpse inside

Japan News - 3 hours 41 min ago
Saga Prefectural Police have launched an investigation following the discovery on Sunday of a male government official with burns near a burned-out vehicle with a corpse inside, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (tokyoreporter.com)

Woman robs own convenience store, becomes the greatest 'bakkura' of all

Japan News - 3 hours 44 min ago
Despite all the talk of Japan being a homogeneous society, there is certainly a lot of distinct personalities from the secluded hikkikomori to the obsessive otaku to the punchy yet occasionally glamorous yankee. (rocketnews24.com)

Japan diaper output falls 1st time in 15 years

Japan News - 3 hours 46 min ago
Japanese production of disposable diapers declined for the first time in 15 years in 2016, mainly due to weaker purchases from visiting Chinese tourists. (Nikkei)

Japan lures record foreign investment in 2016

Japan News - 3 hours 47 min ago
Foreign direct investment to Japan for fiscal 2016 topped 3 trillion yen ($26.9 billion) for the first time ever, thanks mainly to an increasing number of takeovers of domestic businesses by overseas investment funds. Japanese operations of foreign establishments have also become keen to reinvest what they earn into Japan. (Nikkei)

Gaffe-prone Aso alludes to gender as reason female lawmaker verbally abused secretary

Japan News - 3 hours 49 min ago
Gaffe-prone Finance Minister Taro Aso made a comment Saturday about a junior lawmaker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party who indicated her intent to leave the party due to allegations that she abused one of her secretaries, stressing her gender. (Japan Times)

Kurobe Dam releasing water for sightseers

Japan News - 3 hours 53 min ago
Sightseers are flocking to Japan's highest dam to watch the spectacle of water gushing from it. (NHK)

Takata has filed for bankruptcy protection

Japan News - 3 hours 55 min ago
Struggling Japanese airbag maker Takata has filed for bankruptcy protection in a Tokyo court, following massive recalls of its products around the world. (NHK)

Takata CEO to step down

Japan News - 3 hours 57 min ago
The head of Japanese airbag maker Takata says he will step down to take responsibility for the company's failure. (NHK)

Travel ban, church-state case await action by Supreme Court

Pacific Stars and Stripes - 4 hours 48 min ago
Before taking their long summer break, the Supreme Court justices are poised to act on the Trump administration's travel ban and a separation of church and state dispute involving a Missouri church playground.

Chinese Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo released from prison on medical grounds

Pacific Stars and Stripes - 4 hours 52 min ago
China's only Nobel Peace Prize winner and famed dissident Liu Xiaobo was released Monday from prison on medical grounds to treat his liver cancer, his lawyer told The Washington Post.

Modi's 'no frills' visit to Washington masks a potential minefield

Pacific Stars and Stripes - 4 hours 55 min ago
Audiences between the leaders of the world's two biggest democracies have not typically lacked for fanfare.

Professor who said 'clueless white male' Otto Warmbier got 'what he deserved' won't be rehired

Pacific Stars and Stripes - 4 hours 58 min ago
The University of Delaware has cut ties with an adjunct professor who suggested that Otto Warmbier, the American student whose death last week after being imprisoned in North Korea drew worldwide attention, was a "clueless white male" who "got exactly what he deserved."

Hundreds missing in eastern Ukraine's dirty war

Pacific Stars and Stripes - 5 hours 3 min ago
On a warm afternoon in Ukraine's breakaway east, as the front line rumbled with only occasional shellfire, Stanislav Aseev, a 27-year-old undercover journalist, was heading home to Donetsk.

As Syrian war winds down, the region heats up

The Japan Times - 5 hours 44 min ago
There is a prospect of a wider and more dangerous fight over the future of Syria and the Middle East region.

America’s Russian-roulette presidency

The Japan Times - 5 hours 46 min ago
There's no relief in sight for Donald Trump as investigators probe whether his compaign colluded with Russian efforts to tip the U.S. presidential election in ...

Plunging toward a fast-unfolding future

The Japan Times - 5 hours 47 min ago
Creative disruption is tiring, but the alternative is far worse.

Qatar: Is Trump striking the match for a little war?

The Japan Times - 5 hours 47 min ago
Acting like a rhetorical warmonger, U.S. President Donald Trump is providing the Saudis with ample blessing for their internecine warfare.