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Yokohama Trolleys - Area 1 and Area 2

Yokohama - Honmoku Trolleys with Area 1 or 2 in the Background.

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"Allied Troops Land In Tokyo Bay" (August 30, 1945)

Surrender of the Yokosuka Naval Base

August 30, 1945


Photo taken during the surrender of the base.

The building that will become Kinnick High School is in the background.

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Old Film Clip of Negishi Heights - 50s - early 60s?

A short 16 second clip shown on NHK World

(See anyone you know?)

Please let us know if you know the time frame of this clip.



A few photos from the clip

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1979 Slide Show - 114 Slides

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Yohi Band - 1964-1965 - Photos Courtesy of Hideharu Sugo (Drummer)

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Yohi Band -

Drummer: Hideharu Sugo (St. Joseph)

Lead Guitar: Tommy (Yohi)

Side Guitar: Jeff (Yohi)

Base Guitar: Mike (Yohi)


1980 Slideshow - 16 Slides

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Yokohama PX - Slideshow

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Yohi in the News - Preview - A Walk Through History


A Story a Year - For 34 Years...

1959 - 1992

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1978 Slideshow - 64 Slides

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Yokohama Lighthouse Kindergarten

White building in back - The "Star" Hotel in the red-light district of Honmoku.

Before the Yokohama Bombing.

This was one of the only buildings left standing in the Honmoku area,
and became the Lighthouse Kindergarten after being repaired.


Undergoing repairs in 1946.

Handover Ceremony - In front of the Seaside Club, Area 1, Yokohama

See video

History of the Honmoku Trolley - Yokohama

At the 4:48 Mark:  Some video of Area 1 from inside the Trolley.

Wonderful historic video - All in Japanese

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Honmoku Housing Area - New Collection

New Album


Slideshow Preview

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