Reflections from the 2001 Reunion in Vegas

Aug 7, '01 8:44 PM by sean (17 Posts)

Random Reunion Memories...An Expression Session.

Aug 7, '01 8:44 PM
by sean for everyone

Sam Gentile alluded to memories of the reunion keeping him occupied while he pulled a 12 hour shift.  I couldn't help but think, "I'm with you, man.  My first day back at the office went the same way.  I couldn't help but smile while rehashing the wonderful weekend in my mind."


So I thought I'd jot down a few names and memories of the past weekend...


I remember the volleyball tourney.  The wide range of people from different classes, some meeting for the first time ever and having fun in the sun.  And in some cases, in the shade (hint, hint, Lisa Matisoo.)


I remember talking smack with Carolyn Newman across the net and enjoying every minute of it.  Course, we got our butts kicked.


I remember the post-tourney team photos, and the ice bath some of the players from "Jerry's Kids" got.  Everyone knew it was coming but them, hahaha.  "Jerry's Kids" won the tourney, by the way.  Congrats, guys.  Y'all played hard and looked good doing so.


I remember the Tour d' Rollercoasters.  The thrill of the rides was made much more exciting by the company of my wife and other Yohians game enough to partake.  Thanks, Lisa, Leticia, Tere and Ed.  I think we all hit the same octave at one point during one of the rides.


I remember finally conceding to Margie Johnson and Roxanne Mitton at the end of a mock-heated discussion regarding a certain someone being "good" versus "bad."  Now THAT was a brief but fun debate.


I remember recognizing Frank Stagliano at Makino's Buffet.  Talk about a distinguished blast from my past--I had always looked up to him both as an athlete and a student.  It felt good to introduce myself after all these years.


I remember the anticipation and excitement felt as we walked into the Dining Room for the Saturday night dinner and dance. 

Everyone looked fabulous.  And the women... mwahh...!  They looked stunning.  And if they weren't stunning, they were gorgeous.  And if they weren't gorgeous, they were beautiful.  You get the idea.

I was absolutely proud to be associated with such company.


I remember the dance floor being packed as bods danced to "Boogie Oogie Oogie."  Cool song, goofy name.  The really groovy thing about this was that everywhere I looked, everyone...I mean EVERYONE...was singing to the song as they danced: "...Get awh-on up awh-on the floor...'cuz we're gonna boogie oogie oogie till we jus' can't boogie no morreeee (boogie).  Boogie no can't boogie no morreee..."

Way cool.


I remember Cindy Carlise/Compton, grinning like a cheshire cat, as she, Tere and I danced to the "Thong Song."  In light of all the convo about me and the thong, I thought all I had to do was dance to the frickin song and I was scott-free...

...Until someone hit me in the chest with the infamous thong.  Then I knew I had to walk the walk or never hear the end of it. got me, gal.  It was the perfect set-up.  I never suspected a "thong."

Hey, I hope I delivered, tho.


And speaking of "deliver," or shades of Deliverance:  I remember the taste of fear as I was grabbed from behind by Witchy during the thong dance.  Dude, I was in a zone, and you had to interrupt me like that.  For a split second, I felt like Ned Beatty.

Only you, Ron.  Only you.  hahahahaha.



That, my friends, was only the tip of the iceberg.

I'm singing Boogie Oogie Oogie as I type this.

I'd love to hear more about how it went for others...













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msn-mobilestan wrote on Aug 8, '01

In keeping with Sean's "theme",

I remember.............


  • seeing the "lynchpin" of all our reunions - past, present, and hopefully future; Lori Hunt, and Tracy Mullins checking in at the Imperial Palace 'check-in' desk.
  • seeing the crew of "Witch", Carrie Petersen, Vickie Marren, Mike Cook, Kelly Smith, "Chibi", Bonnie Marren, Mike Batch, "Gohan", Bob Underwood, "Bucky", Bobbie & Suzanne Mahlik, Davy Joe, Lisa Matisoo, and Sean Bayot at the Geisha Bar on the eve of the First Night Vegas 2K01!!!
  • seeing, and being with the combined Yohi classes at the Makino Seafood buffet having a communal dinner - besides getting pleasantly 'blindsided' by a vociferous Yohi Birthday greeting!!! Thanks!!!
  • being blamed, jokingly, by Ms. Margie Johnson for the "shortcomings" of my younger sibling Sean aka "Thongs"!!!  Margie, I guess Sean had it coming to him in the end, right Cindy!!!!
  • seeing the 'young' partiers of Yohi at the Rio - Sam Gentile, Danny and Marni Shibata, Bonnie Marren, June Clark, Mary Jane & Brian Laureano, Craig Jones & Jennifer Bailey, Patrick "Oakland" Kline, Rudy Omega, Nancy Latona, et al!!!  What happened to all the 'old' Yohi dancin' fogies?!?!
  • seeing the "Architect" of this site - Tommy Doyle, trying to approach the Geish Bar incognito, and sit nonchalantly observing the Yohians!!!  Nice try at 4:00 AM, but who were you trying to kid!!!
  • playing volleyball against the 'young' ones of YoHi....and making a decent showing for the 'old'  Yohi Fogies!!!  Right Leticia and Mary!?!?  Again....what happened to all the 'old' Yohi athletic studs and studettes?!?!?  For that matter, the 'new' Yohi athletic studs and studettes - class of '85', we know that you've still got it!!!  BTW 'oldies' Mike & Mary Ross, Patrick Carney were 'oldies' thank you for your support!!!
  • seeing the numerous "bella figuras" at the Reunion Dinner - we've all aged well!!!
  • watching the "disco"ers recreating moves and moods from "yohian yesteryears"!!!  Enjoyable rendition of the "soul train"!!!
  • feeling pride at seeing and re-acquainting connections with the senior Yohians - Ed McCowan, Frank Stagliano, Misae Beddie, Tamy Reyna-Graham, Elia Reyna, Lois Parkhurst, Lori Woolums, "Gus" Gustafson, Joanne (Carlson) Lucero, Melanie (Shriver) Mulder, Mary Ross, Miki Sugitani, Mike 'Sushimike' Cardenas, Tommy Doyle, Phil Compton, Teddy "Gohan" Rice, Mike Batch, Obie Sibug, Rocky Bouquet, Renee Moore, Chris "Bucky" Ramsden, Leslie Love, Frank Perkins et al.
  • feeling pride at seeing and re-acquainting connections with the junior Yohians - Lori Hunt, Linda Hunt, Kathy Kahn, Bill Collier, "Chibi" Cook, Sammy Gentile, Margie Johnson, Bob Underwood, Bobbie & Suzanne Mahlik, Helen Ambrose, Merle Higa, Bob Nelson, Mary Prinz, Estelle Atney-Turner, Tracy Mullin, Laurie Brown, Sonya Okamoto, Pam Okamoto, Carolyn Newman, Mary Jane Laureano, June Clark-Wakey, Danny Shibata, Marni Shibata, Cindy Carlisle, Bonnie Marren, Patrick "Oakland" Kline, Rick "CasualMan" Bawaan, Nancy & Larry Latona, Craig "Muscles" Jones, Jennifer "MetRX" Bailey, Jim "MarlboroMan" Lee, Yoko Bruno, Janet White, Warner Butler, Erika Malmquist, Gillian Cummings, Bill Smart, Richard North et al..
  • and lastly....feeling PRIDE being with my own classmates and friends - Tim Kahn, Vickie Marren, Mike Cook, Kathy (Kowalsky) Prario, Leticia Weaver-Ramirez, Kelly Smith, Lisa Matisoo, Cary Petersen, Mike Ross, Pat Carney, Patty Roder, Celeste Knapp......and of course....Ronnie "Witch" Witthoft!!!.


To those Yohians I didn't meet this time....shame on me for having missed the opportunity to introduce myself, and renew our acquaintance.  I'll definately make it up to you at the next YoHi reunion....that's a promise.
For those Yohians in "absentia" - y'know who you are, that promise also stands.
Stan Bayot
c/o '80'

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msn-tamy-kun wrote on Aug 8, '01

This past weekend was so overwhelming, my brothers & sisters, but trying to keep Sean's theme going...  I'm long winded so apologies up front


I remember:

  • Sean in a thong
  • running around the airport baggage claim trying to find Renee Moore, Mary Kaluza, Mike Ross, my sister (Elia Reyna), and their spouses, Roderick & Frankie.
  • walking by the bar and seeing my first glimpse of Yo-Hians, Witchy-kun being the first!    Frank Perkins, Rocky Boquet, Cary Peterson, Mike DePalma, Gary Goldstien, Lois Parkhurst, Treisa Monday, Joann Carlson, Bobby Mahliketc... 
  • Kathy & Tim Kahn both re-introducing me to Mrs. Kahn as "Mikey's 8th grade girlfriend" and laughing about being remembered that way but glad to be remembered at all.
  • Sean in a thong
  • seeing Leslie Love for the first time in 23 years! Thanks, Leslie, for not wasting any time embarrassing me (the comment about the gesture, too X-rated to mention on the site).
  • Ed McCowan, my soul brother, creeping up behind Tim & I.  Eds, I didn't realize how much I missed you! 
  • rushing to the airport to get Lorie Woolums and getting lost on the way to Makino's but getting to see A LOT of Vegas, right Tim & Lorie?
  • Sean in a thong
  • walking into Makino's, the unreal feeling as I saw SushiMike, Phil Compton, Tom Luhrs, and Frank Stagliano,,,  You all look the same, just the hair really threw me off!
  • coming face to face with my fellow Friday night chatters, Misae McMillan, Helen Ambrose, tiny Estelle Atney, Sonya Okamoto, Cindy Carlisle, Joji-kun, Sammy Gentile (you're all grown up now), Sean Bayot, Stan Bayot, Lisa Matisoo, etc.
  • being reunited with Amber White, Kelly Smith, David "Davy Joe" Boykin, Vicki Marren, Miki Sugitani, Teddy "Gohan" Rice, Cathy Kowalski, Chris Ramsden, tiny Merle Higa, Eileen Yaji, etc, etc.
  • Sean in a thong
  • meeting Yo-Hians for the first time, Jim Lee, Celeste, Lori Hunt, Lisa Hunt, the Carney brothers, etc, etc
  • being reunited with my big brother, Obie Sibug
  • getting a 5am wake-up call Saturday call from Derrick Lyons, asking me where everybody was!  Derrick, you are still the same sweet guy but golly, couldn't you wait until 7 or 8am?
  • Sean in a thong
  • Tommy Doyle...  I love you, my brother.
  • talking to Melanie Shriver on the phone & next thing I knew, she was on her way!
  • meeting everyone's spouses & girlfriends/boyfriends, the Bayot ladies, Patti Sibug, Raelene, Roger Ambrose, Madoka, etc, etc, etc.  Take good care of our brothers & sisters.
  • Sean in a thong

It goes on & on & on...  Shame on me for not getting to meet everyone but it's nice to know that I will have another opportunity to do so in 2003.  And I hope that everyone who couldn't make it this time can make it next time (right Marlet Shea & Michele Heilig?).  Special thanks to my wonderful husband, Tim who made this trip possible for me.  Most of all, I remember the feeling of being with family and I remember hugging people all day long!  I love you all, always will...
Tams '78

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msn-lisamatisoo wrote on Aug 8, '01

ok Sean - great idea, so here I go....

  • 1st Yohian spotted - Mike DePalma and wife Fran - recognised on the second fly-by.....
  • Just hearing Uncle Joey's voice and knowing EXACTLY who it was!!!
  • 4:30 Thursday night (oops Friday morning) - at the Geisha bar with the old gang - time for another beer Kebs!
  • Being called over to the bar by a Mr Ramsden, who was wearing a big grin and dark glasses, and not having the slightest idea who he was!!!! Sorry Bucky - it won't happen again!
  • Having a snack with Bob and Debbie Nelson and realising that not only did Debbie and I go to the same school in Hawaii, but that she was a closet Biological Anthropologist! You just give me a call Debbie when you want to come back! I'll take you on as a student! Small world...
  • Finally getting to meet my twin, separated at birth.....and her man - it was nice that we got to see you two lovebirds!!!!! (but not enough I might add) talk to you Friday, Cindy!
  • Having a noodle craving at 3:00 Sunday morning and not being able to find any - only to discover later on my way back to the Mirage at 5:00 that they have a 24 hour noodle shop!!! Next time we know where to go!
  • A VERY cranky James Cook at 4:30 Sunday morning......sleep deprivation makes you even more cynical, dear Chibi!!!! I just LOVE the gorilla chimp chimps must stick together...
  • Ronnie's hand...... ;)
  • Watching Cary and Bobbie shooting craps all night long!
  • Kathy Kahn talking a mile a minute....still.....breathe girl, BREATHE!
  • Seeing Mr Feller with all of the that was a memory...
  • Those TOTALLY AMAZING rollercoasters!!!!! Thanks Ed, Sean, Tere and Leticia - what a BLAST! You gotta try the Stratosphere Big Shot next time Tere! And Cindy, no wimping out next time girl!
  • Gotta just love it when the idiot asked SushiMike for a towel and a drink as we walked past the pool - Yo Pool Boy!!!!!
  • Catching up with all of the Yohi gang, but re-living the EARLY Yokosuka years with Kathy Kahn, Phil Compton and all of the other Sullivans Elementary and Middle School gang - please say "hi" to Annie (though I hear she is Ani now?) and Cindy for me!
  • Watching Vickie STILL being able to boogie down - AND up!!!!
  • Getting the old B-ball team together - Margie, Rox, Kelly, Merle and Aileen. Next time we shoot some hoops - bugger that Volleyball stuff ! (Sorry again Sonko!)
  • oh, and who could forget....SEAN IN HIS THONG!!!!!!
  • Finally, again a big Thanks to all those involved in planning and making the reunion happen and also thanks to Margie for the Mirage experience (how did you leave so early and so quietly on Sunday morning??), Vickie and Robert for walking me to the Mirage at 5 am, Warner for the ride to the airport .....and EVERYONE for making it a weekend I will never forget!

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msn-lisamatisoo wrote on Aug 8, '01

OH! How could I forget????

  • my stalker experience ;) Love ya Teddy!!!!

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msn-lorichanpan wrote on Aug 8, '01

Okay, you have all inspired me.

  • Seeing Stan Bayot come 'round the corner (on his way to the gym, no less) as I checked in and realizing that it's started. . . .
  • Seeing Davey Joe Boykin for the first time in 20 years and not recognizing him until he spoke.
  • Seeing Gene Towns walk in the door and recognizing him when no one else did.
  • Tracey Mullen laughing hysterically at the luau.
  • Gene, Teddy Rice, and Mike Batch trying their best to get closer to the drink girls and their fake boobies at the luau.
  • Walking around downtown Vegas with my husband for the weekend, Kevin Brown, Robert Nelson, Debbie Nelson, Larry Putong, Mary Prinz, my sister, Linda Hunt Clark, her husband, Curtis, and Tracey Mullen. My feet still hurt!
  • Sitting with Ron Witthoft and Celeste Knapp in the Geisha Bar until 3:30 in the morning and Ronnie trying his best to talk smack in Japanese when he was too tired to remember the words.
  • Waking up much too early to go get Kathy Kahn Helms and Mrs. Kahn at the airport. I left Kathy in the hospitality room and three hours later she was still talking . . .
  • The Hard Rock Cafe with Kevin B., Linda H., Tracey M, Larry P., Brian Davis, Tami McDevitt, Derek Cole, Jim Lee, and Laurie Brown Williams and dancing to YMCA!
  • The craziness of Makinos and 120 Yo-Hians trying to talk above one another. I asked Kathy if she ever ate and she swears she did . . . but I don't know. . . .
  • Watching everyone sweat in the morning Vegas sun and having such a good time playing volleyball. Great day!
  • Ronnie Witthoft pulling his pants down in my room trying to shock Tracey at the "pool party."
  • James Cook busting in on my shower with a camera (I better not see any pictures on this website!) and Tracey tackling him to the ground with a blow dryer trying to save me.
  • Soo many Yo-Hians (Saturday) in one room. That was such an awesome sight I almost cried.
  • The standing ovation was overwhelming and were all your kinds words. Thanks, guys.
  • Feeling like a movie star as 100 cameras flashed.
  • The almost reverent hush as the slide show began.
  • Gambling with Bobby Mahlik, Miki Sugitani, Tommy Doyle, and Cary Petersen at 3 in the morning and being so tired that both Miki and I hit "cash out" instead of spin with $250 in the machine (two different times) and all of us acting like we had won a jackpot! The slot attendant thought we were crazy!
  • All the sad faces Sunday morning. . .
  • Taking two hours to decide where to go for breakfast/lunch and then another hour and a half to walk a city block. Only at a reunion. . .
  • Dinner with Tom D., Ted R., Lisa Parkhurst, Bucky, the Cooks, my sister, Tracey, and Estelle Atney Turner.
  • Talking about Sex and the City and the Sopranos with Mr. LaMonica in my room with the rest of the "leftovers."
  • Feeling really bummed Monday morning walking through the hotel and casino and not once did I see a familiar face. It was such a sad feeling.

To every guy who told me I was "looking good" over the weekend. THANKS. You've done wonders for this woman with the "chubby girl with bad acne" complex. No matter how old I get it's still a thrill when an "older" classmen pays you some attention. Thanks, guys (and you all know who you are). You've been good for the ego.

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msn-84sinders wrote on Aug 8, '01

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msn-84sinders wrote on Aug 8, '01

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msn-84sinders wrote on Aug 8, '01

Those two deletes above are mine!  *&@#*  I tried to type my message using word and it looked fine when I pasted, but, when I hit send, it made it look all funny!  So, I'm gonna try this again...but, later.  I will have to retype the whole damn thing! 


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msn-misae wrote on Aug 8, '01

So much happened in so little time...


  • Arrived at the airport, walking on those moving side walk thingie and saw Miki and Lois who also recognized me at THE SAME EXACT MOMENT!  What an awesome feeling.  Miki's new pick up equipped with DVD player and screens for everyone in the vehicle made me want  to be Miki's daughter.  ha ha ha
  • Upon reaching IP bar, first familiar face was Sushimike.  A tall, smiling guy says hello and gives me a hug...who is this familiar person?????  None other than Phil Compton!!  Where did the hair and mustache go??  Seeing Tamy, Tim, Lori, Mike DePalma, Gus, Frank Perkins, Chris Ramsden, Mike Batch, on and on.
  • Breakfast at 2~3 a.m. with Ronnie, Celeste, Patty, Elia & Frankie was the best meal of the day!  Why didn't you eat your corn beef hash, Ron???  Looked like dog food, smelled like dog food, was it dog food??????????
  • Early morning coffee search with Lori Woolums...where is the BEST coffee in Vegas??  Several bell boys recommended the Huraah's next door.  Not bad coffee and banana bread. 
  • Brunch with James Cook, Rocky, Ed McCowan, Celeste, Debbie, Joji and Patty.  Hamburger and fries sounded sooooooooooo good until champagne bruch was mentioned.  Loaded up on protein and curious desserts.  Celeste, we were the only brave ones to get the champagne from the odd dispenser, not a bottle!  Cheers to good friends!
  • Pool party highlight:  Generic Boy- aka. Cary Peterson!  Got to catch up with Joann Carlson, Bobby Mahlik, James Cook, Rocky, Phil Compton, Gus, Chris Ramsden, Sushimike, Tommy, and so many others.  Pina Coladas...not bad, Joann!
  • Thong on Sean, enough said.
  • Saturday night dinner/dance was the highlight of my trip.  Saw so many new faces!  I don't think I can remember all the names!  I'm sorry to have missed so many though.  Too much dancing I think.  Thanks for the dances, guys! 

Sunday morning arrived too soon.  Got to say good bye to the Ross', David Boykin, Chris Ramsden and Mary Prinz.  Slept at the airport, on the plane, wherever I could!  Arrived home 11 p.m. to be greeted by my daughter, her friend, Kirby and the friendliest face of all, Bill. 
Thanks for a great weekend and wonderful memories.  I'm sorry if I didn't meet you this round, please forgive me.  Thanks for the hellos and hugs, Joji, Sean, Stan, Sam, Mary, and all the new faces!  I'm bad with names...can you tell?  I hope to see you all soon.  Please drive carefully, enjoy everyday, and most of all, stop and smell all the flowers!  Don't forget to smile, it makes everyone wonder  what  you've been up to...................   Until the next time~ 

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msn-84sinders wrote on Aug 8, '01

 Here goes the real one!


It's so hard to really say what I want to say in regards to my experience at the reunion.  But, I'll try to do my best, until I start crying, again.

  • First, seeing Nancy (Berry) Latona in the line to check into the hotel.  I have to admit, I didn't recognize you at first!  You look wonderful!  It was so good to see you!  I'm just sad that you live on one coast and I'm on the other coast.
  • Then, walking past the bar and seeing Larry Latona, Ricky Ellis, Robert Underwood, Davy Joe, and a few others.  Wow!  You guys all look great!
  • And, Bonnie, I really have missed you.  We had some fun times in the past.  I'm just sorry that I let that many years go between us.  Please forgive me.  And, Vicki, my chat buddy...don't stay lonely long.  It's no fun!
  • Laurel, Gillian and was like we were back in 8th grade!  Except, we look better now!  I'm so glad that we found each other again.  Laurie, I'm sorry you had to sleep alone.  But, Richard was a better roommate.  Hee hee
  • My sister Estelle...I'm so glad that we found each other.  I don't even have to write already know what I am thinking.  I love you!   XXOO
  • My long lost twin sister, Lisa!  My how we look exactly alike!  We did good at the reunion, my trailer trash sis!  And, I'm sorry I let you down at the roller coasters.  I will make it up to you, I promise!
  • Joji...thanks for the video tapes and the dance we had together.  I'll treasure that memory forever!
  • Mary Jane, I have always thought of you to be a sweet person!  You always looked out for me.  You are still as beautiful as you were then.
  • Stan and Ed...thanks for your help with the thong and getting The Thong Song for me (baby move your butt, butt).  All that planning paid off!
  • To all my chat was so nice to put a face to the name. Helen, Leslie, Bucky, Renee, Ronnie, and all.  I'll see you all on Fridays!
  • My brother Phil.  Let's not wait so long to see each other again.
  • Teddy...I love you baby!  It was so good to see you.  Sorry we didn't have more time to talk and hang out.  But, I know that you are not too far away!
  • Gosh, I know that I am leaving people out, but, I've already carried on to much.  It was abslutely wonderful to see my classmates, CarOlyn, Sonko, Bill, Ricky, Jim, Chris, Janet, Rudy, Laurel, Gillian and Laurie.  Please, let's keep in touch!
  • And, Sean...I love you and Tere!  As you can tell, it was great to see you in your thong!  I'm not the only one who thought so.  Hee hee  You are awesome and such a great sport...but, now, I'm a little worried.  What are we going to do in 2003?  Hmmmm   Everyone else who was in on the thong thing, it was all worth it!  Those of you who don't have a clue to what we are talking about, need to join us in chat!

Sorry to carry on and I know that I am leaving people out, Gomen!  I am just still strying to absorb the whole experience and I need to quit crying.  It was such a wonderful weekend.  And, of course, to my honey, Richard...I love you! You are a wonderful man!  Thanks for the weekend, the company, the friendship!  I love you all very much and I am already counting the days till we see each other again.  Till then...I'll see you at chat!
Cindy Carlisle 84

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msn-michele heilig-houston wrote on Aug 9, '01

I think it's so wonderful that you're all writing down your memories of the reunion.  It helps me be able to live it through you writings.  I am soooo sorry that I wasn't able to be there. But, hearing all of your stories and everyone's names sure helps me feel like I was there.  2003's reunion or a mini-reunion before then, you can count me in!!!!  I wouldn't miss this wonderful experience again to be with people who had the same upbringings and experiences that only we had.  Americans living and going to school in Japan during our teenage years.  There isn't many people out there in the world that would understand living a life like that. It's just a unique lifestyle that only a select few of us got to experience. Keep writing the memories -- I love them.

  Love Always, Michele

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msn-sam wrote on Aug 9, '01

Hi Michele,

You may not know me but hey, doesnt matter....we both attended Yohi and thats what counts.....but I'd like to announce friday nite's chat!  I'm attempting to do some e-blasts so we can have as many reunion attendees and anyone else to share the experience!  It will be one heck of a you dont want to miss it!  That includes anyone else reading this message! 

Friday nite chat at 7pm PST - ????

Just click the chatroom link on the left side of this page!

Don't miss this it! 

Spread the word!

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msn-joji™ wrote on Aug 9, '01

before bursting into tears...he reminisced about:


Craig Jones, you macho 16-year old. What ever happened to aging? Don't you know you're not supposed to hide your gray hair, wrinkles, and other signs of aging at these reunions? You look like you're in shape or something. Whaddya do, workout or something?


And Jennifer, who are you really? You can't possibly be a Yo-hi alumni....yet.
BTW Craig, the reunion was to be held at the Imperial Palace, not the Rio...


Lisa, my secret IM lover, it certainly didn't feel like we met for the first time. The second thing you said after greeting me was, "Yeah, f**k you, joji" in response to my unfortunate *plight* with the flight tickets.


Tommy, sorry for spilling beer on your head. Ronnie made me do it...


Ronnie, sorry for saying you made me do it. Tommy made me say that...


To someone, I snapped a couple pics where Tracy Mullen had Chibi Cook pinned to the floor after he snook into Lori's shower. Unfortunately, I don't know whose camera I was using. I apologize for taking such great pics with your film and making you pay for developing them.


Chibi, let me know how the coffee tastes in Antarctica, should you ever sample some. And if you don't, please at least take some rugby lessons. If you forget what a scram is again, just beat it.


Cindy, if you play those video tapes in reverse, you will see sexually-explicit images of you and Richard taken from the room next door. Just turn the tape over.


Misae, I enjoyed going to Hard Rock Cafe with you for the gifts, but I was clearly expecting you to buy me a T-shirt and badge for being your bodyguard. Instead, you broke out your camera, snapped a couple pics and got away without paying. In hindsight, I feel manipulated.


Sammy, for all the trouble you went to to post about dress codes for the Dinner Dance, I hate to tell ya but you were entirely under-dressed for the ocassion. I apologize for embarrasing you with my haute coutre outfit and sandals.


Mary Jane, don't come near me wearing a tight one-piece skirt like that again or I'll burst into pieces! You trying to kill me or something? I'm diabetic ya know.


Ed, you have got to moderate your way of life, you crazy old man. I specifically recall your doctor telling you to take at least three runs on the Big Shot before going to bed.


Mary, you are always such a good little girl aren't you. I mean look at you, leaving your hubbie to tend with the kids while you stay up all night and morning talking to a bunch of guys in a coffee shop. It isn't going to kill you to be a little more adventurous ya know, such as making your kids stay up with you, or making your hubbie buy us a few rounds of coffee.


Bill Colyer, next time I treat you to a late-night early morning snack, try ordering something a little more wholesome. Seriously, you don't need the energy from a banana at three in the morning.


Sean, I hate to tell you your brother Stan isn't as technically sophisticated as you'd like to think. The only part of the reunion we were able to videocast on the internet was your thong dance.


Ricky Ellis, I blatently stole the idea for this from a writeup you did on Sonko's website two years ago so you owe me credit for this.


Seriously though, I couldn't write a serious post without tears in my eyes so I decided to do like I always do, stop acting so serious.

I sincerely thank all of those involved in organizing this reunion. And thanks to those who urged me to go as well. It gave me something to look forward to. Now that I've been there, I can say it has helped fill a hole in my life that I thought would never be filled. You have all given me such great energy to continue on with the great things in my life. I can only hope that I have returned some of that energy, even if its only a fraction of what you have given me.

The next time we do this, I hope it will be soon. Until then, I really love you all and hope only the best for all of you and your families.

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msn-"margie j" wrote on Aug 9, '01

I join in the sentiments expressed above.  For me, the "do you remember when ..." was only half the fun.  The other half was hearing my friends recall events I'd long since forgotten, and some I still don't remember.  Tim Kahn ... our dear, sweet, girls' basketball manager ... and all along we thought he was minding his own business in the girls' locker room mixing the "V-8"  juice away from the watchful eyes of the coaches while we were showering/dressing.  That sneaky guy!  (I won't complain too loudly -- I'd much rather be remembered as I was in my "all together" at age 15 than fully dressed now!


I'm so jealous -- some of you have forgotten to age!  Lisa M, Kelly S, Merle H., Aileen Y, Roxanne M, Robert N, Kathy K, Tim K ... the list goes on.  Others, who were just "babes in the woods" when I left in 1979 and are now all grown up -- June C-W, Joji, etc.  My "haven't seen in the longest time" award goes to Phillip Compton, who I last saw in 1973 when I was 2nd-3rd grade and he was 5th(?).  Oh, how he used to pick on his sisters and me!  (I forgive you ;-)  So many faces, so many names ... I feel like I've been caught at the podium giving an Academy award speech without my notes!


Kelly S. and Tim K. -- when you move to the "South Bay," you'll be living less than 10 miles from me.  I'll get the first round!


Rumor is that we're going to have another reunion in 2003 -- has there been any discussion of where?  (Hawaii?  LA? New Zealand?  Japan?!!!)


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msn-gary wrote on Aug 9, '01


My reflections......

Rolling with GOHAN to Vegas at at average speed of100-110 mph....


Hangin out at the Geisha bar and seeing  all former tomodachis and meeeting new ones.....

Lois P showing me a picture  she had of me from way back then......

winning on the craps table..............

losing  on the craps table........

Olympic Gardens episode with MIkE C and Teddy

Man what a blast!

Dinner at Makinos with Mike D and his wife.....

Chatting with Renee M AND hubby and talkin about old times.........

Seing Tommy D after almost 27 years Mahalo bruddah.

Waiting for plane on Sunday cany believing I just saw all my friends from so long ago.....


God bless all of you  and see you at the next reunion